How Eavestrough Protect Your Home?

How Eavestrough Protect Your Home?Eavestrough is the most overlooked element of your house. You may not always see it but they are there doing their job. There are so many ways that eavestrough protects your house. Therefore, it is essential for you to get them installed properly and even maintain them. Make repairs as and when required to ensure a safer house.

Here is how eavestrough protects your house.

Keep the water away from shingles

A roof plays a significant role in protecting the home and shingles are the key elements to your roof. So, of course, you will do all required for it to stay intact. However, one of the most dreadful things for shingles is standing water. Thus, eavestroughs are designed in order to prevent it from happening. It will help in keeping shingles free of holding water.

Prevent water pooling in the basement

It protects the home by making sure that no water accumulates in the basement, which is the base of the foundation. This may result in mildew, mold, and other major damages to the interior of home and things inside it. Eavestrough collects rainwater and melted snow. Then, it carries it away from home far enough to prevent pooling in the basement.

Prevent Ice Dams

During the cold weather, when it snows, the snow sits on the roof. And if the snow sits for a longer time, it freezes and the temperature plummets. Though heat from your houses will melt it, it will get collected in the outer shingles. This leads to the formation of ice dams that damage the roof and cause issues in the house. Luckily, eavestrough catches all that snow and sluffs it off away from home.

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